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Ground Lift magazine aims to be your source for all things beat related. While we definitely have a soft spot for deep vinyl joints, hip-hop is our first love. We feel that there can be no real discussion of hip-hop without involving the rare-ass, black wax gems upon which hiphop is built.

Ground Lift exists where the worlds of old and new intersect, and we're gonna do our damnedest to help folks, of any 'skill' level, connect the dots between them. You can expect a healthy dose of shit talking, artist-critic beefs and pointless, yet entertaining, minutiae. And if the mag doesn't have enough beat science for you, check out our massive digger's resource containing album cover pics, concise descriptions, and soundclip streams on an ever-growing amount of rare and classic vinyl.

This is your magazine, we just write it. Ground Lift aims to be as interactive as it can be. In addition to our monthly contests and reader submitted stories, we ask you let us know if there's anything else you'd enjoy seeing or reading. Want to hate on us? go 'head. Want to holler back? Our door's always open.

Just don't send us fuckin' spam.

Brief history to date...

Haphazardly thrown together over the course of a weekend in the fall of 2000, breakz4dayz.com began life as a drunken idea spouted off at closing time. It was a rough start but luckily for you, we love love music more than we love booze. Way more.

In the months following its launch, thousands of people visited the site. Some looking to purchase break-realated wax, others looking to keep their minds occupied after the 'Crates List' disappeared. Whichever the case, our server was quickly overloaded and a second evolution was imminent.

Fast forward five years. The launch of Ground Lift Magazine marks our fifth evolution... and counting. We've given the entire site a new face: streamlined navigation, enhanced the multimedia experience and hired a handful of top shelf music writers to churn out coherent sentences on the regular.

Each month you can expect new feature articles & interviews, rotating minor features, concert footage, at least two new mixes, 15-20 new music reviews, 100+ additions to the resource and more!

So that's what's up. Enjoy!

Ground Lift Magazine Staff