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Chicago had a never-ending cache of Funky Blues singers, most of which were male. However, The Sequins broke the mold and mashed-up a Motown style with Chicago Attitude.

Where's Your Lo..
Crajon 197?
Killer slow burn Funk. The Midnight Movers, like most Funk acts in the 70s, borrowed liberally from the mindset of George Clinton's Funkadelic. Rare 45 release on Renee.

Midnight Movers
Put Your Mind I..
Renee 1972

So do we really need to explain what's going on here? I mean, if you don't know, you better ask somebody. And then bang your head against the wall for sleeping. Heaviest Drums Ever.

Here Comes the ..
Josie 1970

You can always tell a Fabulous Counts track by it's horn arrangements and heavy fuzz, jazz funk. On "Get Down People," the telltale signs are in full effect, str8 knockin' down hinges.

Fabulous Counts
Get Down People
Moira 1970
Two sides of Blaxploitation jams from Dolemite's motion picture debut. Funky Soul of the highest order featuring kickin' kick drums, soaring vocals and an un-fadeable clavinet lead. Holleur.

Taylor, Ben
Kent Records 197?
This track is off of Lou's solo debut LP, an album that you should own even it it means copping the reissue. The track in particular, grooves in a fashion similar to ''I'll be Around''

Courtney, Lou
What Do You Wan..
Rags 1973
A classic track for Disco heads as well as b-boy break fiends. Contains a dope open drum intro as well as a pulsating groove. Eddie Drennon had his hands all over this one.

Williams, Esther
Last Night Chan..
Friends & Co 1976
Yep, this is the same People's Choice that wrecked discotech's in the mid-70's. But on their Phil LA releases is was all about grimy funk and sweet, sweet soul. An excellent, easy find.

People's Choice
Big Ladies Man
Phil L.A. of So.. 196x